Yong Hong Brands
EYKI——A Street-style "Toy" on the Wrist

Since its launch in 1999, EYKI has dedicated itself to presenting each watch, providing young consumers with fashion, creative, and personalized watch products, as well as more thoughts and explorations on time and philosophy of life.

Over the years, EYKI Watch has not only gained attention and recognition in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and other important watch exhibitions but also obtained certification from many countries (regions) and the World Intellectual Property Organization, recording the unique and spontaneous time for young people.

Fashion bracelet watch brand KIMIO was founded in 2005. Combining the functionality of watches with artistry of popular jewelry, the fashion bracelet with varied styles created by ingenuity meets the charm of women who love beauty.

Kimio advocates "Textured Practical Aesthetics", which encourages modern women to break through the traditional definition, build up a sense of life attitude, gain more energy from the ornament of delicate and practical jewelry watches, explore the infinite possibilities of life, and be the definition of their own style!

KIMIO—— A Jewelry That Reads Time · Embellish Your Daily Dose of Fashion
JIUSKO —— The Gift of Nature

Back in March 2011, JIUSKO founder Lin went to Visit the Basel World Watch and Jewelry Fair in Switzerland. She was deeply attracted by foreign exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious watch design, but the high price made people stop. After more than ten years of working in the watch industry, she immediately gathered the top management of the company after coming back to China and conducted researches and discussions with the team.  JIUSKO, a high-end fashion watch brand, was born.

Everything in JIUSKO comes from nature, and everything in nature makes JIUSKO.

Born in 2018, it is committed to becoming a fast fashion watch brand popular among young people. It targets the new generation, conveying individuality and fashion, and representing youth vitality.

PANMILA provides fashionable, personalized, innovative, inexpensive, and high-quality watch products for the trendy young people. PANMILA meets their demand for fashion, bring them more elements of fashion and happiness, and lead the new trend in the watch industry with its confident design.

PANMILA—— Give Yourself a Definition of Youth
Add: 5th floor, #198, Kaiyuandadao, Huangpu district, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China