Customer Service

Guangzhou Yonghong guaranteea that products purchased from the company's designated dealers under the Brand of Guangzhou Yonghong, if the correct use of the product quality problems, are provided with 12 months of quality assurance services. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase, and the warranty service of Guangzhou Yonghong covers the material and manufacturer's defects when the watches are delivered.

Within the warranty period, with valid warranty card if the watch is not for human damage, customers have the right to ask to repair. For watches after maintenance, the quality guarantee service will be terminated 12 months after the date of purchase by the maintenance table.


1. Battery life. 2. Watch appearance parts (case, table mirror, watch strap, handle, and other parts) of natural wear. 3. Damage caused by repair in a repair station not designated by the company. 4. Damage caused by force majeure. 5. Any damage to any part of the watch caused by violation of the instructions provided by GZYH. 6. Unable to provide valid credentials such as quality assurance service card. 7. No information of unprofor card is filled in.
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